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500mL All Purpose Home Cleaner

500mL All Purpose Home Cleaner

AVAILABLE in stock 11/01/23 to ORDER

Scrubs Organic All Purpose Home Cleaner comes as a concentrate solution in a 500mL (1L) Boston Round Amber GLASS bottle.  This product is a 100% NATURAL home cleaner solution with ONLY ten ingredients which inlcude 8 anti bacterial and/or antiviral essential oils. Clinically tested by TURI Surface solutions Lab(MA.) with a 98.7% result in household germ killing effectiveness.

Each 500mL bottle converts to FIVE 750mL spray bottles.

How to use? - Pour 95mL of concentrate solution into spray bottle, ADD 2.5 CUPS of WATER. Shake, Spray, Wipe. Easy Peasy, Natural Cleansy!!!


"Since 2009 this cleaner has been used with all my clients of Scrubs Organic Cleaning Services. The product's PUBLIC launch is this October, 2023!! I need to thank my clients for their love and my children for pushing me to go public/retail with my creation." -Dianne

This product is useable on all household objects.


WAIT :) SAVE YOUR BOTTLE!! Scrubs Organic's Refill Reuse Program was built to help save waste (and save you more money!). The program's details is listed under Refill Reuse Program product.

    500 Milliliters
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